About Us


For us, it's rewarding to help local business owners reach their success because of the technology we have implemented. We have so much pride in our clients and the technology that has helped them run their business. 


We have been helping businesses gain the most out of their technology by automating mundane tasks, implementing workflows to streamline business and securing networks to ensure business continuity. 

With an extensive background in IT for businesses ranging from small to fortune 500, we have a thorough understanding of what they need to stay at the top of their IT game. And we are a group that doesn't stop learning, gives back to our community and enjoys life.


Whether you’re looking for advanced IT support or to give your dedicated IT Manager an extra hand, our team can help secure your data, educate your staff, centralize administration, ensure business continuity, prepare for regulatory audits, supplement desktop support, and more.

What Our Clients Say

"Concord-IT's engineers quickly got us up and running with IT workflows, management tools that oversee our network and systems, and status reports of our environment in real-time. Having the environment monitored 24/7 by expert trained helpdesk technicians allows me to take a day off!" -Mark


“When searching for an IT company, we were looking for true personalized management. We were looking to partner with a small company that would work to understand our business and guide us as we continue to grow and change.”


Concord-IT has proven themselves to be the perfect fit.

- Steve

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Projects were properly planned and communicated on a site-wide basis.

- Tom

"Their attention to detail ensured that everything was rolled out successfully, and if we hit a snag, they were prepared to roll back to the previous configuration."



“Meg’s knowledge, reliability, and personal attention are nothing short of amazing. She responds swiftly and efficiently to all of our IT needs and does so without interruption to our business routines. Concord-IT has provided us with the best IT support we have ever received." 

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We are thrilled to have found the right partner for our computer needs.

- Erika


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