What's My Password Again?

Have you ever had to type a password into a login window on your computer but couldn't see what you were typing because it was starred out? Next time, try using Copy / Paste instead of typing it to eliminate typos.

One of our new clients couldn't log into their wireless network and was told that buying a new router would fix the issue. I'm sure it would have, but instead of selling her a new router and making a few extra bucks along the way, we put some time into helping her fix the issue and taught her how to prevent it from happening again. It turns out that she was just typing her password in wrong but had no idea it was wrong because she just saw: 

login stars.png

We showed her how to reset her laptop's network connection, tested other devices to confirm the router was indeed working properly and helped her enter the password correctly using a simple trick of copy and paste:

Just open an email, notepad or other window where you CAN see what you're typing and type the password. Then highlight ONLY the password leaving out the extra spaces and copy/paste that into the password field.

Use this trick when you're CHANGING a password too so you won't inadvertently type it wrong two times in a row.

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