Managed IT

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Remote Monitoring

Your IT Consultant monitors and supports your systems 24×7 and manages your IT infrastructure with security policy administration, backup management, event log monitoring, patch management, server and availability monitoring, and IT asset inventory.

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Endpoint Protection

Our flexible business security solutions stay in step with your growing and changing company.  Our antivirus and malware prevention solutions are integrated with our network monitoring tools to allow you the protection you need, without the loss of control and performance.


Business Continuity

In today's world having an effective data backup and disaster recovery solution in place can be the difference between a business with a bright future and one that closes up shop.


Device Management

Accessing company data from mobile devices is no longer a luxury; it's commonplace. 

We understand the balance between ease of use, and opening your business to the security risks in the mobile office. We'll work with you to establish an Acceptable Use Policy that you can feel good about and provide you with the means to enforce it.


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Cloud Services

Cloud computing may sound like a big gray area (no pun intended), but decisions to invest in cloud software are often driven by the entire management team…and for reasons that have less to do with system specifications and more to do with good business sense. 

We'll help your business develop a cloud computing road map for deploying the healthiest mix of on-premise and secure hosted cloud solutions. 

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Helpdesk & Inventory

Concord-IT will manage your Helpdesk and help automate routine tasks freeing up valuable time for your employees.

Our real-time reports are at your disposal, can be customized and automatically delivered to your inbox. Your management team will stay informed about support trends, uncover potential issues and prepare for audits and upgrades. 

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